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I’ve had a long history with Nespresso, and I got my start in a boutique in Basel, Switzerland as an Assistant Boutique Manager. At the time, my friend was working for the company and she told me to check them out. I had originally been looking for a marketing position and nothing was available. However, the recruiters let me know that they were expanding retail and there would be many chances to grow with the company. So, I joined, and now here I am in New York!

After moving up to Boutique Manager, I started working on opening new Boutiques in Switzerland and oversaw operations in retail. It gave me the chance to get my first experiences in training and recruitment as I had to help hire for the new stores. Next, I moved to the head office in Lausanne, Switzerland working as Global Retail Operations Project Manager overseeing retail projects in different Nespresso markets. . Another challenge I got to tackle was in Australia and New Zealand. The company moved me there to be the National Boutique Manager for those two countries. This was my first real experience based outside of Switzerland, and it was so amazing and interesting. I feel like I grew a lot professionally and personally during this role.

Eventually I went back to headquarters, but the training aspect of developing people skills stuck with me. So, when another opportunity to go somewhere new and change my position came, I was excited to take it on. When I first came to the United States I started as a Training and Quality Manager for the Customer Relationship Center. Now, I manage the Omni Channel Training and Quality for all three of our customer facing channels, coffee ambassador and all aspects on how to support driving the best in class customer experience at all touch points through all our customer-facing employees. Basically, at its simplest terms, my role is to make sure that we keep the coffee and customer at the heart of everything we do.

My career journey shows the level of opportunity here. The company really believes in providing opportunities for the farmers, the employees – everyone. It’s a passion that we all have as an organization really. And that comes through in the people that work here. We’re all dedicated to doing great things every day.

That drive and passion is something that I believe you need to succeed at Nespresso. Being able to embrace change, and to bring your creativity when meeting challenges is quite important too. I call all this having the spirit of a pioneer. We all bring our unique talents and abilities to help the brand. It’s a hands-on experience here and everyone is different. We all don’t have the same strengths, so we can all learn and help each other. And when you put us all together, everyone has their spot and we can be successful and shine as a team.

After all this time with Nespresso, it’s hard for me to pick a favorite blend of coffee, because I love so many of them. I discovered iced coffee when I moved to the United States, and now I love it! But if I absolutely had to pick a favorite, I would say Fortissio Lungo. It has a very intense but balanced taste and aroma. And the notes and character of it is just as good if you drink it as an iced coffee.


Name: Aïcha Boussada

Title: Omni Channel Training and Quality Manager

Time at Nespresso: 14 years

Favorite coffees: Fortissio Lungo

Intensity: 8

“My career journey shows the level of opportunity here. The company really believes in providing opportunities for the farmers, the employees – everyone.”