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I’m part of the CRC team. I’m originally from the Netherlands, and I actually lived in Switzerland for about 18 years where I worked for Nespresso in an administrative capacity. When I met my husband, we moved to the US, and after a brief gap I joined the company here. I was so excited and thankful to come back and be part of this family again.

Working here is really a natural fit for me. I truly love the products – still to this day. They’re beautiful, upscale, sustainable, and I simply couldn’t live without them. My favorite coffee has always been Ristretto. It’s bold and has that great kick to it that gets me going for work in the morning.

Most of my work is over the phone, working to help customers in the best way possible. I take order calls, help the business and assistance departments troubleshoot machines, and work with home customers to resolve any issues they may have. Every single day, what I do is different. But a lot of it is really just listening. When a customer calls, they need someone to listen to them, and that usually helps calm any situation. Of course, I’ve had some challenging moments, but I’ve been able to tackle them thanks to my wonderful team and the leaders that support us. They’re always there to back me up.

Beyond that, we all help each other out. If someone is more experienced in one field, we reach out to that person, and vice versa. Here, we function as a team where everyone brings their strengths to work – we’re really almost like a family in that respect. And that’s part of what makes the culture so great. I like to describe it as cosmopolitan, caring, and open-minded.

Every day, I have direct contact with our customers, and I can’t overstate how much I’ve learned just from that exposure. Representing a brand like Nespresso to people that love it has been an amazing experience for me.


Name: Bettina Reinhart

Title: Nespresso Coffee Specialist, Home Agent

Time at Nespresso: 8 years

Favorite coffees: Ristretto

Intensity: 10

“Working here is really a natural fit for me. I truly love the products – still to this day. They’re beautiful, upscale, sustainable and I simply couldn’t live without them.”