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There’s a lot of passion behind bringing the best coffee possible into people’s homes. In order to succeed here, you have to bring a similar passion to your work. You have to be committed and dedicated to the quality and experience Nespresso is all about. Another important thing – you have to be a team player. Everyone here checks their ego at the door and is ready to listen and learn. There’s a level of respect we all bring to the workplace. I’ve found that here, if you have that respect you can succeed no matter what you’re doing.

As a company, Nespresso creates a clear path for your career goals. There is a lot of room for growth, and I’ve experienced it personally. I started as a Boutique Specialist part time, and then went on to be a Team Lead. A few of my other colleagues have gone on to make similar moves. I feel very connected to the opportunities here. It’s nice to know that at Nespresso, as long as you find the right time and put the work in, you can make your career exactly what you want it to be.

The career opportunities are just the beginning of what I like about Nespresso. The level of quality in everything is amazing. We use the best beans in the world to make our coffee and we know the journey they take from the field to the capsule. Plus, the farmers aren’t left out. The company takes care of them and their land. We make sure that the way the farmers are growing and farming the coffee can last for a long time, and that they can live a sustainable life. Every step of the way, Nespresso is there making sure the quality is one hundred percent.

Knowing so much that goes into the process, I’m proud to have been drinking Nespresso coffee for a very long time. My favorites right now are Diavolitto and Kazaar. The Kazaar is from the OriginalLine and it’s one of the most intense blends we make, as well as the most caffeinated. In our VertuoLine, its counterpart is Diavolitto. I just love the intensity and quality that both of these coffees have. It’s a great moment any time I have them.


Name: Hector Medina

Title: Boutique Team Leader

Time at Nespresso: 3 years

Favorite coffees: Kazaar AND Diavolitto

Intensity: 12

Intensity: 11

“At Nespresso, as long as you find the right time and put the work in, you can make your career exactly what you want it to be.”